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Tips & Hints: Crunchy Cookies

November 20, 2011

There are a few things you can do with most any basic cookie recipe to make the final product come out crisp.

First, use a larger portion of white sugar to brown sugar.
Brown sugar attracts moisture, which is key when you want a chewy cookie, but not so much for a crisp cookie!
So if it calls for 3/4 cup each white and brown sugar, use 1 cup white, and 1/2cup brown.

Second, use all butter. Butter, unlike shortening, melts at body temperature.
This causes cookies to spread more, making them thinner and crisper.
Using slightly more butter will result in crisper cookies. Start with 1 tbsp additional to what the recipe calls for.
Eggs. Egg whites add air, which lends a cake-like texture to cookies. Using just the egg yolks gives you the richness and tenderness, but makes the cookie crisp rather than puffy/cakey or chewy.

Lastly, adding a small amount of milk results in a flatter, crisper cookie as well. A tablespoon or so should be plenty.

Adding a bit of cornstarch to a cookie recipe will result in a lighter, crunchier cookie. The best way to do this is to substitute some of the sugar for powdered (confectioner’s) sugar.


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